Policies and procedures detail the internal processes, systems and controls that keep an organization running consistently and predictably. The same documentation also helps establish a corporate identity, clearly defines the roles and responsibilities within your organization, and saves time and effort by reducing procedural mistakes and questions about internal processes. Making such information available to staff reduces training, all which serve to ensure adherence to corporate rules and culture.

Policies are high-level statements that reflect the rules governing an organization. Policy owners are responsible for identifying who/what (individuals, areas, processes) will be directly affected by new or revised policies. Policies must also adhere to the principles of achieving the overall control objectives of the organization; such as including customer service or work environment principles.

In addition to our wide range of documentation services, Cyberscribe combines an understanding of instructional design and documentation to develop comprehensive policy and procedure manuals that are clear, concise and consistent and easily updated to accommodate organizational changes.


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