The Challenge

Cyberscribe began working with Absolute shortly after Lockheed Martin Mission Systems teamed with them to resell Computrace, Absolute’s flagship computer tracking, monitoring and theft recovery solution, to federal government and business markets. The undertaking required end to end documentation for the entire product line, including the network monitoring system. Because this was Absolute’s first formal documentation effort, they turned to Cyberscribe for a thoroughly planned, best-practices effort that would create a foundation repository for their future in-house documentation department. The results had to be reusable for future international market opportunities.
User Guide

The Cyberscribe Solution

Working to meet the needs of several audiences, Cyberscribe produced installation, system administration and user guides, help systems, quick reference material and release notes. Using single-source concepts, manuals were delivered as screen-optimized PDFs to allow electronic distribution, and published as task-based and context sensitive online help and web-help systems. Training modules for client/server security and asset management solutions were also developed to help Absolute’s customers train their own staff on system usage. Ensuring the greatest possible flexibility, all content was localized for U.S., Canadian and international English.

The Client

Absolute Software Corporation (TSX: ABT) is the leader in computer theft recovery, data protection and secure asset tracking solutions. Founded in 1993, Absolute was built on the idea that individuals and businesses should be able to track, manage, and secure their mobile computers regardless of the physical location of the device, Absolute responded with a product suite based on tamper-resistant, stealth security software designed to track and recover lost and stolen computers.