The Challenge

For couriers driving newly hybridized diesel-electric delivery vehicles, the sudden change in their work environment presented a new set of challenges. The material had to meet the specific needs of an audience of seasoned courier drivers, many of whom were experiencing a natural resistance to change. Azure Dynamics needed quick reference materials to help drivers understand unfamiliar icons on their new digital dashboard and develop entirely new driving habits. Not only did it have to be accurate and easy to understand, the material had to help users overcome barriers to new technology.
Operational Guide

The Cyberscribe Solution

Vancouver technical writing company Cyberscribe developed introductory training to hybrid-electric technology, supported by a visor placard which provided the basics at eye level. Using a format that adhered strictly to typical glovebox manuals, Cyberscribe developed a supplemental manual that used colour graphics, call-out boxes and stylized text to draw attention to critical content. Seeing a familiar layout created a comfort zone for drivers, who quickly discovered how easy it was to drive a hybridized vehicle. The resulting manual provided detailed information, including:
  • Vehicle operating instructions.
  • Features and control guides.
  • Maintenance schedules and troubleshooting.

The Client

Azure Dynamics is a world leader in developing and producing electric and hybrid electric components for commercial vehicles. Purolator is Canada’s largest overnight courier company. After investigating the potential of hybrid-electric drives, Purolator turned to Azure Dynamics to retrofit diesel delivery trucks with hydrogen fuel cells for use in Metro Toronto and 20 other metro areas across Canada.