The Challenge

After overhauling the documentation related to the newly implemented JD Edwards system, procedural documentation was required to disseminate this new knowledge to all branches of the organization province-wide, and create a foundation for knowledge management initiatives for the future. The documentation project had several goals:  identify and address gaps in existing procedures, establish a uniform schema by which detailed organizational interactions could be documented in conformance with technical communication best practices guidelines, develop new content according to each group’s specific needs, and include business process information unique to their respective area of operations.
Employee handbook

The Cyberscribe Solution

Vancouver technical writing company Cyberscribe Solutions took existing guide sheets, training materials and procedures captured ad hoc by users and conducted a gap analysis to determine the accuracy of existing documentation and determine whether the format and structure corresponded with the needs of the users. The resulting deliverables included 107 new task sheets, replacing 39 existing guide sheets.
Cyberscribe then developed new complete and comprehensive procedural documentation to be immediately implemented in all branches of the organization at all locations in the province.

The Client

BC Housing is the provincial crown agency that develops, manages and administers a wide range of subsidized housing options for those in greatest need. Part of the BC Ministry of Forestry and Range, BC Housing is responsible for an annual operating budget (2007/08) of $505.1 million.
After BC Housing implemented several JD Edwards modules across all locations throughout the province, internal users noted that the guide-sheets developed throughout the implementation no longer met the daily needs of the organization.
Cyberscribe was contracted to provide a dedicated technical communicator to review, update and author detailed procedural documentation related to a recent installation of JD Edwards for internal use across multiple regional offices and work groups.