The Challenge

This law firm often requires temporary office staff to meet client demands during peak periods of activity. All new staff require training, no matter how temporary their stay may be. However, when the objective is to alleviate staff responsibility, answering questions from auxiliary personnel regarding office routines would only add to their tasks. Moreover, because of high turnover rates at clerical staffing agencies, there was never any guarantee that the same person would return at a later date, making it unlikely that training could be considered an investment.
Employee handbook

The Cyberscribe Solution

Because of the costs and frustration associated with the situation, Cyberscribe focused on developing an employee handbook that captured rote information about the operation. Sitting on the front desk, it could be used immediately by temporary staff. It also captured policies and procedures for remaining staff to provide support when staff were busy, absent or on vacation.

The Client

The law firm of Hughes & Co is a personal injury law firm, representing individuals with minor to catastrophic injuries sustained in accidents involving motor vehicles, aircraft and water. Through their website and featured articles, they also provide injured persons and their families with general information on the laws pertaining to personal injury in British Columbia.