The Challenge

Meridian required technical assistance to convert internal and help documentation to a single, manageable software solution.
There were thousands of legacy documents in various formats. Meridian needed resources that not only understood their content management system but who could also work efficiently and effectively with source files originating in a wide range of software applications.
Operational Guide

The Cyberscribe Solution

Cyberscribe Solutions was able to provide technical writing resources with a wide range of software experience to port Meridian’s documentation from PDF, FrameMaker, Word and RoboHelp into Madcap Flare.
Working closely with Meridian’s team, Cyberscribe successfully converted all the documents and conducted a reformatting process for consistency.

The Client

Since 1993, Meridian Systems has been developing construction project management software that optimizes the planning, building and operational phases of real estate, construction, and physical infrastructure projects and programs. Meridian’s flagship software solutions Prolog and Proliance, enable building owners, construction firms and public agencies to streamline the project life cycle, reduce construction costs and project risk.