The Challenge

Each of the two Ice Commander styles has an integrated chest harness for attachment to tether lines, ice awl pockets for storage, rubber gloves, reinforced knees and non-slip rubber soles on the attached boots. As well, each suit is 45% lighter than other rescue suits as it is made in a high visibility welded nylon shell. Cyberscribe had to distinguish between shared and unique features, and ensure that differences between the two styles were clearly identified in the illustrations as well as the instructions.
User Guide

The Cyberscribe Solution

The purpose of the manual is to explain unique product features and provide important tips on correct usage, maintenance and storage.
Cyberscribe met with Mustang’s product engineer to personally examine improvements in the Ice Commander designer. Creating new illustrations from photographs, the updated manual would provide better details of the waterproof fasteners and connections, as well as a clearer understanding of the donning and doffing processes for both styles. Callout diagrams were used to provide a quick reference guide to the many features of the Ice Commander.

The Client

The Mustang Ice Commander™ is the suit of choice for search and rescue teams and other professionals requiring protection from ice water immersion scenarios. It is completely waterproof with a watertight hood, integrated gloves and attached boots.
The snap-in buoyancy liner provides exceptional flotation and insulation performance, allowing users to maintain mental and physical capabilities while remaining immersed for long periods of time in icy cold water.