The Challenge

The organization was growing at a rapid rate, and without a centralized point of knowledge, the current practice of training new employees through “tribal knowledge” would make it very difficult to replicate the organization’s reputation for excellence and high standards of customer service. Cyberscribe would need to identify existing processes and document detailed procedures for the following business areas:
  • Account administration and collections
  • Retail transactions (cash, cheque, point of sale)
  • Customer sales and service
  • Onsite security and maintenance requirements
  • Personnel and customer safety
User Guide

The Cyberscribe Solution

Content specialists Cyberscribe Solutions conducted a content and gap analysis of all existing business documentation to establish a customized policies and procedures framework. Cyberscribe gained a first-hand understanding of the operation through observation and inquiry. The volume of “tribal knowledge” retained by employees was surprising. Cyberscribe captured operational minutiae to produce an all-inclusive operations guide:
  • Daily tasks and responsibilities for each staff position, including interaction and cut-off points
  • Correct procedures and escalation processes for all business transactions
  • Appropriate responses to customer scenarios, both typical and atypical
  • A maintenance schedule of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual activities performed by outside service providers

The Client

In 2003, Storage for Your Life planned to expand their successful storage business (then operating as King George Self Storage) by building two new, state-of-the-art storage facilities. The resulting hiring requirements called for a turnkey guide that allowed the new operation to start running smoothly from day one. Storage for Your Life is a private company owned and operated by a local family whose lengthy history in the community involves the development of many BC landmarks. Originally operating as King George Self Storage, their first facility in Surrey opened its doors to the public in October of 1999. Since then they have added three new locations with cutting edge services such as temperate-controlled storage, welcoming thousands of customers at four locations throughout Lower Mainland.