The Challenge

Several amendments to taxation and insurance legislation can take place over the course of a year. In order to keep customers informed about changes that might affect their wealth management portfolio, Westward Capital commissioned two separate, quarterly newsletters: one for customers and one for their trusted advisors. While the topic matter might have been the same, there were certainly differences in audience and technical content.
Quarterly corporate newsletter

The Cyberscribe Solution

Vancouver technical writing company Cyberscribe Solutions created and supplied an easy to use template with style guides and a small instruction guide so that the end user could easily add and edit information as required. Standardizing the look and feel enabled Westward Capital to maintain a consistent brand that readers could easily identify.

The Client

Westward Capital Management is one of Canada’s leading providers of insurance-based tax and estate planning solutions.
Westward Capital specializes in services that integrate overall estate planning with life insurance and business succession goals, and provides customized estate and business succession plans.
Westward Capital currently produces two quarterly newsletters for two distinct audiences – one for clients, the other for their taxation or accounting specialists.