Cyberscribe develops targeted user guides that are meaningful to their intended audience for a specific purpose or process, and provide information users need to become productive as quickly as possible. Our user guides provide meaningful information and guidance enabling costumers to begin using your products and services with confidence and ease. User guides are often associated with software and computers but are appropriate for any product or service with a specific end user in mind. Depending on its purpose, a user guide can range from a brief booklet to a full-length book of several hundred pages. The size of the guide is determined by product complexity. In some cases, graphic illustrations or photographs (and even video in online guides) may provide substantially more effective instruction than words alone and can significantly reduce size. In situations involving multiple audiences for a variety of processes, guides can be split into smaller volumes: such as an installation (or system administrator) guide, a quick reference guide, an operating guide and a service and troubleshooting guide. How the guide will be used is the primary factor in determining the delivery method. It makes little sense to print guides for software that is constantly being upgraded, or when the user is presumed to be at a computer an online guide can eliminate publishing costs. On the other hand, a plumbing contractor who needs access to a service guide is unlikely to have a computer on hand while repairing sewer lines.


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