In any corporate environment, the ability to eliminate the need for repeated, individual training goes a long way towards increasing productivity and buy-in. The quality of instruction provided to employees dictates the pace at which they will learn new processes, product specifications or operating procedures. Cyberscribe’s instructional design team creates training material that focuses on intersecting the message with the needs of the audience to ensure quick and accurate learning on any newly implemented systems, revised corporate mandates, or procedural changes. Typically, the design of instructional and training material is determined by the teaching method and level of complexity. For instance, in a classroom setting, training materials are often most effective in printed and visual form, such as workbooks, training manuals, exercises and tests. Instructional materials used out in the field are best delivered in the form of handbooks and visual guides, practical exercises or field tests. In an electronic environment, web-based modules are often the optimum method to deliver training. If the audience is new to the environment, however, their needs  trump technology. Cyberscribe creates training material appropriate for any audience, for any subject matter. We act as, or support, your training team by developing comprehensive workbooks, web-based learning, classroom presentations and take-home materials to facilitate the learning needs of your particular audience. Our team of instructional design resources includes adult educators with extensive experience producing and delivering quality course material for both trainers and technical and non-technical end users alike.


Take advantage of our expertise:

  • Full-service content development
  • Contract writers & project staffing
  • Online help & web content
  • Product manuals & user guides
  • Policies & procedures
  • Graphics & technical illustrations
  • Editing & translation services

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