The Challenge

Cyberscribe was tasked with providing documentation for a variety of audiences, including a 1500-topic online help system for owner/operators and their administrative staff, and training workbooks for body shop managers and mechanics. For many end users, Pathways Enterprise represented their first experience with software in the workplace. Not only would training materials be used to introduce entirely new habits to the work day, they were also expected to turn intimidating change into a positive learning experience.
User guides and training workbooks

The Cyberscribe Solution

Technical writing company Cyberscribe Solutions wrote two classroom workbooks. The layout and content were carefully crafted for simplicity to maximize audience acceptance of new technologies: instructions were simplified to downplay complexity, and tips and review notes were added to promote retention and confirm learning and objectives had been achieved at the end of each section.

The Client

KiTSystems is a division of Kirmac Information Technologies. KiTSystems partnered with CCC to develop a comprehensive enterprise software solution for the automotive collision industry. Designed to automate the day-to-day business processes in repair shops, the Pathways Enterprise software allows owners and managers to schedule repairs, track inventory, manage their accounting needs and increase profitability.