The Challenge

The proposal would include extensive details regarding the design, supply, planning, engineering, interfacing, supervision, construction, fabrication, installation, training, and performance testing of all equipment and system facilities. Raytheon’s proposal team spanned numerous disciplines. Each would be supplying content for their area of specialization, while Cyberscribe tracked inputs, formatted content for clarity and consistency, managed review streams and finalized the output for publication.
Proposal matrix

The Cyberscribe Solution

A tracking matrix was developed to manage individual sections of the proposal while maintaining version control of the review documents. Section teams, with up to four contributors each, would provide electronic copies of proposal content to Cyberscribe for reformatting, editing and accuracy checks. Prior to finalization, each proposal section would be compared to the original RFP, ending with a final review of the entire proposal to ensure the table of contents, cross-references, page numbering and index were accurate and complete.

The Client

Raytheon Canada was responding to a tender issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defence and Aviation for turn-key delivery of all equipment and system facilities related to automation, communication and civil work for a new Control Center (ACC) and Approach Control Facility (APP) at the King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) in Riyadh.